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Taylor Mathews

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Los Angeles, CA
  • December 5, 2013 8:01 pm

    everybody’s got their opinion…

    you know what’s wonderful and terrible about the world all at the same time. people having opinions…yes, it makes us unique but it also can spark arguments. opinions are the root of a lot of contention, however, it’s also the root of connection…

    this is the thought i want to share today:

    if you’re to live your life with someone forever, should you trust yourself with sharing your opinions without retention.

    i, personally, get caught up in seeking out the opinions of others. you know when that person you really like calls or texts…you freak out and then digest the conversation after you get done talking and then ask a friend what it all means. yup, me.

    though, some may find this to be very endearing and natural. it’s not healthy. especially if i continue to do this throughout the entire relationship, worried about what i should be saying or what i should be doing…

    so i’ve come to this conclusion:

    if the point of dating someone at the end of the day is to find “the one” you’ll spend the rest of your life with, don’t worry about asking your friends what you should do or say. you’re not their puppet and you shouldn’t put your heart in a cage. just say what’s on your mind…and know at the end of the day, “what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful”.

    love your own way and believe in your own opinion, it’s yours so why not use it. love the way you want to love who you want to love. #thinkaboutit

    be the one.